The White Box

In celebration of Black History Month 2018, my culture, my heritage, my ancestors, and my family, The White Box is a poem that explores a young black girl’s existence in an oppressively white world, and how she ultimately uses her ingenuity to free herself. The poem explores racial constructs from the past to the present, […]

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Puzzle of Glass

A glass harp. A cursed forest. A vengeful humbatress. Robyn Brooke and Evren Dickerdem wander into Tanglewood, a dangerous and magical forest┬áruled by creatures called humbats. In order to return home, the two teenagers must find and piece together the seven pieces of a broken harp, scattered about the forest, before the constellations in the […]

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In an isolated city called the Tier, Mercy and her little brother Wayne live as the Work-Minded. When Mercy’s brother is whisked away to the upper tiers to participate in a secret program, she embarks on a dangerous search to find him. Rumors of terrible experiments on children like him, in the hopes of stopping […]

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Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Blackbird Studios Media Photo Gallery. Below are favorite photographs I’ve taken over the years, and which range in category from nature, architecture, people, places, and more. Snowstorm (2012) Abandoned Piano (2014)

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The Rusty Lamp (2016)

This short computer animated film tells the story of a lonely desk lamp searching for its own source of light. The film premiered at the University of Virginia School of Architecture’s Undergraduate Film Showcase in July 2016. Watch it here.

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