Into Myth

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New York City. 1917. Mythological creatures infest America, and only the very young can detect, hunt, and destroy them.

Wyatt Aidan Cross is an orphan harboring a dangerous secret. When he is taken under the wing of a ruthless Tamer disguised as a ringmaster, he discovers that there are deadly consequences to seeking his freedom. Desperate to escape America, Wyatt embarks on a perilous journey of self-discovery, and earns enough coin to board a ship bound for England. Along the way, he encounters friends, enemies, and a devastating war, and ultimately learns to embrace his true self, no matter what the cost.

Into Myth is the prequel to a series of novellas set in a world where the mere existence of mythological creatures, called mythoi, can disturb the human mind and topple entire cities. Available as a Kindle eBook on July 28, 2017. Watch the official book trailer for Into Myth (coming soon).


Book Details

Series: League of Cross

Genre: YA | NA | Fantasy

Publication Date: July 28, 2017