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Imagine an app, downloadable onto any mobile device, that is capable of catering to your every need. Meet Verda, the voice recognizing digital assistant.

Upstart, birthplace of Verda and one of the most renowned tech companies in the world, opens its doors and recruits the brightest young minds across America to participate in a competitive internship program called Brainstorm.

The ten undergraduate students chosen have five weeks to complete a personal project to impress Upstart’s 23-year-old CEO, Justin Sharp, and his father, Alan. The prize? The most innovative project will earn its creator a spot in the company.

For Chase, a computer genius, this is the chance of a lifetime. He’s desperate to make a new life for himself, for his talents to be recognized. Brainstorm will bring him the fame and fortune he’s always longed for. It will prove he’s more than the weight that has defined him for his entire life—a life plagued by society’s standards on what black men can accomplish. But first, he has to win.

For Skye, a biomedical engineer, the chance to improve healthcare in her small village in the Philippines is right at her fingertips. Brainstorm can make her wildest imaginings a reality. But if she loses, she’ll return home in disgrace, all her family’s money spent on a dream she wasn’t good enough to achieve, putting them in a financial jeopardy they can’t afford.

For Mackenzie, creator of the next generation of VR headsets, designing virtual reality challenges for the students at Upstart is more than she hoped for. But as the competition gradually devolves into sabotage and her loyalties become unexpectedly divided, she must rely on her gaming skills to keep her newfound friends in the race…and grapple with her own conscience.

Who will prevail, and at what cost?

Verda 1.0: Brainstorm is the first book in an exciting new series for young adult readers. Available as a downloadable eBook on May 26, 2018. Watch the official book trailer for Brainstorm (coming soon).


Book Details

Series: Verda

Genre: YA | NA | Science Fiction

Publication Date: May 26, 2018