Puzzle of Glass

Image from Pexels.

A glass harp. A cursed forest. A vengeful humbatress.

Robyn Brooke and Evren Dickerdem wander into Tanglewood, a dangerous and magical forest ruled by creatures called humbats. In order to return home, the two teenagers must find and piece together the seven pieces of a broken harp, scattered about the forest, before the constellations in the sky awaken and destroy everything in their path.

Puzzle of Glass is the first book in an exciting new fantasy series for young readers, and is full of magic, adventure, friendship, betrayal, and revenge. Available as a downloadable eBook on December 17, 2018. Watch the official book trailer for Puzzle of Glass (coming soon).

Book Details

Series: Tales of the Humbats

Genre: Middle Grade | Fantasy | Adventure

Publication Date: December 17, 2018